Our Story

Bridge MLS is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) incorporated to provide brokers and agents with a centralized and online source for real estate data in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Bridge MLS offers comprehensive real estate related information and support services to participants, subscribers and appraisers. These services include access to ongoing training, the latest in real estate technology tools, product research and new offerings, and standard MLS Rules and Regulations. Bridge MLS exists to provide this utility in a way that meets the needs of our customers allowing them to successfully conduct their business.

Member Benefits

bridgeMLS offers members over 26 different applications and software as member benefits. From the popular Cloud CMA to RETechnology, members are not short of tools to assist them on their work. To find out more, click on Member Benefits in the top menu and select Membership Products.

Who We Are: 

 bridgeMLS is the leading MLS source, providing its participants and subscribers access to reliable data, through                 innovative technology, in the Northern California/Bay Area region. Not only do we offer excellent customer support and training, but we also provide brokers and agents access to 10+ MLS's across California, with more than 80% state coverage.

Our Mission: 

To promote cooperation and compensation by providing accurate and comprehensive data through innovative technology and services.

bridgeMLS Services: 

Bridge Association of REALTORS®

Delta Associations of REALTORS®