Periodically, bridgeMLS updates its Rules and Regulations to incorporate C.A.R. Model Rules and reflect business cycles and new trends in Real Estate.  Please take the time to review the documents carefully.

Brokers and office managers should consider printing a copy of the MLS Rules and posting on the bulletin board for all participants and subscribers to view.  You may also find bridgeMLS' 'Rules and Regulations' on Paragon.

Current MLS Rules

2020 MLS Rules -Appendix AB

MLS rules for calendar year 2021. 

2021 NAR MLS Standard Work Group Recommendations

Report Violations 

Alleged Violations Report

A formal report of alleged MLS rules violation or inaccurate info


Exclusion From MLS

Request for exclusion from MLS subscription and certificate of non-use


MLS Computer System training class retirement waiverest


Seller's  instructions to exclude listing from the MLS 

Publication of Sale

Formal request for the publication of sale waiver form. 

Most Misunderstood  


1. Sale Not Reported Within 3 Days - MLS Rule 10.2

•    This violation includes pending and close of escrow. 

Cooperating broker shall notify the listing broker of the pending/sold status within 3 days after acceptance
•    Upon final closing, the listing broker shall report or input the listing in the MLS as "sold" within 3 days after the final closing date
•    If a listing is entered for comparable purposes only, then “For Comp Purposes Only” shall appear in the first line of confidential remarks


2. Failure To Post - MLS Rule 11.5

 •    At least one (1) photo or graphic image of the front exterior of the property accurately displaying the listed property is required to be posted on the MLS with 1 day after submission of the listing in all categories other than business opportunity and Lots and Land.
•    Use of photographs by a subsequent listing agent requires prior written authorization from the originating listing agent or appropriate party with the legal right to reproduce and display such photographs


3. Branding / Virtual Tours (unbranded vs branded) - MLS Rule 11.5 & 12.5

 •    “For Sale” photo signs posted on the MLS with contact information, is prohibited. Landmarks are allowed
•    Shopping center, coffee shop, grocery store is prohibited 
•    Branded virtual tours will be permitted in the Branded Virtual Tour field in Paragon


4. Failure To Enter Accurate Information - MLS Rule 7.1 & 8.3

 •    All listings input into the MLS shall be complete in every detail as specified on the property profile sheet including full gross listing price, listing expiration date, etc. etc.
•    Listings that are incomplete shall be ineligible for publication in the MLS and subject to immediate removal.
•    A Participant or Subscriber is required to correct inaccurate information within 2 days after being notified of the inaccuracies by the MLS


5. Misuse Of Public Remarks - MLS Rule 12.5

•    Information in the public remarks shall only relate to the marketing, description and condition of the property.
•    No contact information, names, phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses (including virtual tours and transaction tracking URLs), lockbox, alarm, gate, security codes, vacancy, etc. 
•    Compensation or bonuses offered to cooperating brokers can not be included in public remarks.


6. Showing Access - MLS Rule 9.1.1

•    Properties entered into the system must be available to show within 3 days subject to any tenants rights or unless seller indicates otherwise in writing. 

•    Provide SELM and input listing once ready for show.

7. Churning Of Listings / Re Listings - MLS Rule 7.26

•    Manipulation of listing data, which misleads the public, participants and subscribers, is not permitted.
•    Only when the listing Participant/Subscriber has signed a new listing agreement with the seller, shall the Participant/Subscriber be permitted to relist the property in the MLS as a “new” listing.
•    Only when a property has been off the market for more than thirty (30) days will the days on the listing start at zero (0). Applies to withdrawals, cancellations, extensions, expiration and /or other modifications to listing agreement.


MLS Rules:


Below, you will find frequently asked questions regarding MLS Rules. Please feel free to look through some of our most popular questions.
However, if you do not see a solution to your problem, please contact bridgeMLS support, and we would be more than happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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