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Seven leading MLSs in Northern California created the NorCal MLS Alliance to ensure real estate professionals have the greatest access to MLS data in and near the areas they do business.

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The new year is going to bring excitement, hope, and change.

In this spirit, we are pleased to announce the launch of the NorCal MLS Alliance on January 20, 2021.


The NorCal MLS Alliance is a coalition of the seven leading Northern California MLS’s whose goal is simple: provide you with access to the most listing data possible all in one place.

This means that the data available to you from our NorCal MLS Alliance partners will now be accessible in its entirety on our home platforms. You will no longer need to sign in to another MLS to view their data, it will all be available on Paragon and ConnectMLS.


The NorCal MLS Alliance is made up of bridgeMLS, BAREIS, Bay East, CCAR, SFAR, MetroList, and MLSListings.

Because of this powerful new alliance there will be some changes. Single Sign-On to other MLSs will be deactivated starting on January 20, 2021, as there will no longer be a need for it.

In light of this, below are some things you’ll need to do:

Load all listings in Paragon

If you have any active or pending listings on other MLSs, you will need to input them on your bridgeMLS Paragon before or after January 20.

All SSO Datashare Listings will be cancelled

On January 20 any listings you have on datashare MLSs will be cancelled and Paragon listings will be picked up and displayed in their place.


You’ll want to export any contact or client information you want to keep that is hosted on the datashare MLSs and import them into paragon or ConnectMLS.

Recreate Saved Searches and Auto notifications

After the launch, you’ll want to recreate any saved searches or automatic notifications that you’ve set up for clients on any datashare MLSs and put them on Paragon or ConnectMLS

Frequently asked questions

How will the NorCal MLS data change the current MLS systems?

This Data upgrade will not change the user interface and any existing features within the ConnectMLS and Paragon system. This upgrade will increases the listing data users will have access to and further enhances the exposure the listings bridgeMLS users have.

What will happened to all my listings entered into Bareis MLS, MetroList, MLSListings, and SFAR MLS?

All bridgeMLS user's listing that were entered manually into the Bareis MLS, MetroList, MLSListings, and SFAR MLS and are currently active or pending will be replaced by the listing from the Paragon system.

If you did not enter any out of area listings into Paragon, please do as soon as possible.

How will this change Supra keys and lockboxes?

Supra keys and Lockboxes will remain as is. The NorCal MLS Alliance data upgrade will not affect keys and lockboxes. You will have to CoOp your keys with Bareis MLS and Metro List MLS to access lockboxes within these areas. No Action is needed to access lockboxes in San Francisco MLS or MLSListings areas.

How will this change the listing input system?

The Listing input module will remain the same. The enhancement will allow bridgeMLS listings to automatically syndicate and display in Bareis, MetroList, MLSListings, and SFARMLS systems. Your listings can be entered through Paragon or the Bridge Interactive Listing Input systems.

After the update, can we still login to Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR MLS?

After the January 20, 2021 update, login to Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, and SFAR will be disabled.

What will happened to my Contacts in Baries, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR MLS?

You must export contacts in Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR MLS and input them into the ConnectMLS or Paragon system to continue any auto notifications. Please contact Support@bridgeMLS.com for any assistance in exporting contacts.

What will happened to my Saved Searches in Baries, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR MLS?

Due to the difference in infrastructure between Rapattoni(Bareis, Metrolist, and SFAR), Matrix (MLSListings), and Paragon(bridgeMLS, Bay East, and CCAR)/ConnectMLS(bridgeMLS) saved searches cannot be exported for import.

Will Coming Soon listings be available from Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, and SFARMLS?

Coming Soon listings will be available for cross platforms in phase 2 of the update. This mean the data will not be available at launch on January 20, 2021. More information will be available later on. Stay tuned!

Is there a way to tell if a listing was originated from Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR MLS?

Listing origin can be easily identified by the MLS numbers. Acronym will be added to each MLS numbers. bridgeMLS, Bay East, and CCAR listings will remain the same. Please see example below: Bareis MLS = BA22022022 MetroListing = ME20222322 MLSListings = ML81818222 SFARMLS = SF515432 bridgeMLS/Bay East/CCAR: 40900000

Is there a different login URL to access the NorCal MLS Alliance Data?

The NorCal MLS Alliance data will be automatically added into the existing ConnectMLS and Paragon database. This means there will not be any changes to the way users login. Users can continue to use the same bookmark, desktop icon, or login from www.bridgeMLS.com.

Will Showing Time be available by Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR users?

Showing Time is only available for MLS(s) that has adopted the MLS Core platform. Since bridgeMLS launched the MLS Core in 2020, all bridgeMLS listings will have the option to schedule showing through Showing Time in other MLS(s) that adopted the same thing. For more information, please contact Showing Time directly at: Phone: 800-379-0057
Email: support@showingtime.com

Will Bareis, Metrolist, MLSListings, or SFAR data be available in the bridgeMLS IDX Feed?

At launch on January 20, 2021, the NorCal MLS Alliance data will not be added to the IDX feed. This feature will be available during future enhancements. Stay tuned for more information.

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We look forward to experiencing this incredible development with you and are always excited to further optimize your MLS experience.


Further details about the NorCal MLS Alliance are available at norcalmlsalliance.com, or you can contact bridgeMLS at (925) 363-2333 or support@bridgemls.com