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California Association of Realtors Disaster Relief Fund

Good Afternoon,

Our heart goes out to all those in the REALTOR family that are dealing with loss and devastation due to the fires that are currently effecting us throughout our beautiful state.

Join OBAR and bridgeMLS to spread the word to help those in our REALTOR family who have or may be effected by these fires. In my 26+ years of service to the REALTOR family I am so

very proud of level of support, dedication and loyalty of service I have witnessed from the REALTOR family during a time of need.

The California Association of REALTORS® established the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund in the

wake of the devastating 2003 California wildfires. Grants provided by the fund were used to help members of the REALTORS® family — REALTORS®, their staff, and association members and their staff — who incurred substantial losses due to the wildfires.

Please click on the link below to learn how to donate to the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund today

Thank you

DaVina Lara | CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Oakland Berkeley Association of Realtors


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