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Client Interaction with Collab Center


Go Interactive

Agents across the country are making the switch to Collaboration Center. They're taking advantage of this Paragon feature to change the client experience from a passive wait for results to an interactive engagement that fosters relationships between them and their contacts. Don't let your contacts miss out on the benefits of working with Collaboration Center

With Collaboration Center, your contacts don't have to wait for an e-mail to see potential listings, nor do they need to browse some third-party website that doesn't have up-to-date data. Most importantly, with Collaboration Center, they have the power to work alongside and with you. Interaction is at the heart of Collaboration Center. Each contact gets their own personalized Collaboration Center site to log into. There they can view listings and mark them as Favorite, Possible, or Rejected. They can even create custom folders to organize listings. And, they can make comments directly on the listings. No more back and forth via e-mail! Your conversation stays neatly organized!

Instead of just a list of search results and agent recommendations, your contacts are presented with the listings and are able to mark them as favorites, possible, or rejected. No spreadsheets, sticky notes, or email folders required.

Skip the email chain, contacts can make comments directly within Collaboration Center.

If enabled, your client can even create their own searches. No longer do they have to wait for a search to be setup or go to a third-party site.

This feature empowers your contacts to work alongside you and be active participants in finding the perfect home.

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