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Coming Soon Listing Status – For All Property Classes

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

bridgeMLS is excited to announce an update to the Paragon "Coming Soon" listings. On April 16th, in the listing entry module, you will see the status of "Active - Coming Soon" in each property class. The update will allow you to pre-market your listing under all property classes and give you the ability to quickly switch the status to "New" when you are ready to go live instead of re-entering everything.

Timeline of what will take place and what you should do


  • Active - Coming Soon status will be enabled under all property classes.

  • Capability to add a listing under the current Coming Soon property class will be disabled.

4/16/2020 thru 4/30/2020

  • If you have entered a listing under the current Coming Soon property class, we are requesting you to:

  1. Change the status of that listing to Coming Soon Cancelled.

  2. Re-enter the listing under the correct property class using the Coming Soon Status.


  • The Coming Soon Property class will be deleted from the MLS System.

  • All listings entered under Coming Soon Property class will be deleted as well.

Important information Surrounding Coming Soon Listings:


2. The listing agent must have an active listing agreement in place to enter a Coming Soon listing.

3. The listing agent is required to send the SELM (Seller Exclude Listing from the MLS) waiver form to the MLS(

4. The Coming Soon listing remains under that status for 30 days. Afterward, it will automatically be placed in a "Cancelled Coming Soon."

5. Coming Soon listing will not be syndicated out to other websites.

6. Coming Soon listing will not be included in the IDX and RETS feeds.

7. Coming Soon listing are only searchable within the MLS systems(ConnectMLS and Paragon)

8. Once a listing has been moved from Coming Soon to New/Active status by the agent, it cannot revert to Coming Soon.

What is this LVT field I see?

  1. What does LVT stand for? Listing Visibility Type

  2. What is it? This feature is utilized to stop Days on MLS (DMLS) from calculating on listings that are in Coming Soon status. This field will be defaulted to include ‘Market Listing’ and ‘Coming Soon’ and both are required in order for this function to work properly.

  3. Will I need this field for saved searches? Yes, if you want your saved searches to continue working properly, then the LVT field will need to be included.

If you have any questions, please contact bridgeMLS Technical Support at or 925-363-2333.

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