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Open House & Broker's Tour are Available Now

Updated: May 18, 2021

The Open House and brokers tour module has been reactivated in Paragon’s listing input system, allowing listing agents to schedule in person open house and broker tour events.

  1. To do this, simply open up the listing maintenance page in Paragon.

  2. On the left, you will see the option to add or edit open house and tour.

  3. Simply click on the “add” button to schedule your in person open house or brokers tour.

Please note that the “live stream” option will remain available but is no longer required.


BridgeAOR: Broker’s Tour will still be conducted virtually on Mondays and Thursdays at 10AM. A list of properties will be provided by the Association, however, should a Broker wish to hold a property open for tour, it is the responsibility of the Brokerage to follow the new state mandated guidelines for open houses. Alameda County, Contra Costa County and the City of Berkeley all follow the newly updated guidelines Bridge AOR shall bear no responsibility for Brokerages that fail to follow the new guidelines when holding properties open for tour. Please refer to C.A.R.’s Quick Guide and Legal Document Page for further guidance.

To enter the BridgeAOR virtual broker's tour, please visit:

Delta AOR: The Tuesday East Contra Costa Networking Meeting and the Thursday Antioch/Pittsburg/Bay Point Networking Meeting will continue to be held virtually. The Wednesday Oakley/Brentwood/Bethel Island Networking Meeting is now available in-person and virtually.

For more information, please visit:

Please remember to adhere to local county guidelines for Open Houses by the Health Department of Contra Costa County. Delta Association of REALTORS® is not responsible for Brokerages that do not follow the new guidelines when holding properties open for tour. Please refer to *C.A.R.’s Quick Guide for more details and the Covid Legal Document Page for further guidance to be in full compliance of mandated guidelines for Open Houses.

* Open House and Showing Rules: Industry Guidelines are subject to change.

Please refer to C.A.R. and the local gathering guidance for restrictions and recommendations for in-person events.

  • Updated California State Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk with regards to Real Estate Transactions.

  • In-person showings of properties, like open houses, are permitted and must follow the indoor gatherings capacity limits in the CDPH gatherings guidance. Check the Attendance section of the gatherings guidance for the capacity limits for each tier.

  • People who feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted to attend. Physical distancing between different households must be maintained, and hand sanitizer should be made available. Face coverings are required. See the CDPH guidance for the use of face coverings for complete details and exceptions. All other restrictions in the real estate guidance remain in place.

  • Review the guidance, prepare a plan, and post the checklist for the real estate industry PDF in your workplace

For more information, please contact your local Association of Realtors.

Bridge Association of Realtors:

Delta Association of Realtors:


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