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**Issue Resolved** Technical Glitch 10/21/2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

UPDATE 10/30/2020: Issue Resolved!! With engineered hard coded fix, users will no longer be able to replicate technical glitch where buyer’s agents within a firm may had access to competing offers. Rest assured security of your data is our priority, you may continue using the Offer section of

We’ve received reports that when submitting an offer though, there is a technical glitch where buyer’s agents within a firm may have access to competing offers. This only happens if there is a Listing Agent Team, and one of them changes roles after approving access to the disclosure package to others. We are encouraging our Subscribers to not use the Offer section of until this is resolved.

“Our engineering team has identified that there is a unique loophole in the software when a listing agent’s role is updated on a package where the link access settings require approval by one of the team members. When the listing team member’s role changed to a buyer agent (we do not know why they changed their role yet), those who received access via this listing team member’s approval were grouped together as a large buyer agent team (~27 agents in this case). This in turn allowed the offers to be viewed by other agents within the large buyer agent team.

We have never seen this happen before and changes are being made to close this loophole and improve the workflow and to ensure this does not happen in the future. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach back out. We will send an update once the engineering team has fixed the loophole. “

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