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Disclosures.IO: Did you know? allows users to easily maintain, manage, and archive disclosure packages.


Archive or Delete a Package

What To Do When Your Property Closes

In the settings tab of a package there are two options to manage the status of a  disclosure package, Archive or Delete.


Once you have completed the transaction, it’s a best practice to Archive your property package. When you Archive a package, it removes access from interested agents and their clients (everyone on the buy-side). An Archived package will continue to remain available to Listing Team but will be a read only view, and the historical activity from interested agents will remain in the Activity tab. If needed an Archived property package can be un-archived. To archive a property package you'll first need to navigate into the package and go to the settings tab. Here you’ll find the option to Archive.

What's Next?

If you change the filter on your listing page to "Archived" all previously archived packages will be listed. Click the "Un-Archive" button next to the file to make it active once again. When you Un-Archive a package everyone that was previously invited to the package will be able to see the file. However they will not be notified when you unarchive the package. To remove someone's access to the package check out this help article: Remove Access to a Package


Deleting a property is permanent. No information regarding the property will be available once it is deleted. To delete a property package you will need to click into the package and go to the settings tab at the very bottom of the page will be the option to delete the package.


Q: Will Buyer Agents know that I Archived a property package?

  • A: Buyer Agents and Buyers will not be notified when you archive a package. The package will be removed from the list of property packages that they have access to.

Q: Where are my previously closed property packages?

  • A: All previously closed property packages will be stored under the Archive filter and can be accessed by Team Members only. 

Q: I accidentally deleted a property package. How do I get it back?

  • A: If a package was deleted in error please reach out to us at and include the property address. 

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