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*Resolved* Gmail Outage Causing Email Opt Outs

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Update 12/17/2020:

We are happy to report that the erroneous opt-outs of users and their clients, caused by the Gmail outage on Tuesday, have been resolved. The Black Knight team worked late into the night to first identify and then correct any instances of this issue for any affected user or client.

While the Black Knight Team is confident this corrected the issue for users, they suggest agents review their active contacts and their notifications to ensure all clients are working as they intend.


On December 15, 2020 1:29 PM PT, Google announced there was an interruption on their Gmail service causing numerous bounce back emails stating the recipients do not exist. In result this causes the Paragon system to opt out the recipients from the Paragon Messaging system.

** Please note that ConnectMLS is not affected by this**

While the Paragon vendor Black Knight searches for a way to reverse the opt outs, users can manually opt back in their client or their own email address by using the Opt-In Website here:

Additionally, this link have been made available on the Home page of Paragon:

For any assistance in this process, please contact:

bridgeMLS - - 925-363-2333


Thank you

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