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Listing Mapping Error

Dear bridgeMLS Participants and Subscribers

If you encounter the error "Mapping: An exact match for the address could not be found", please follow the instruction below to resolve it:

1. Scroll up near the address fields and look for the option and click: Search By Map Validate Map

2. With the mini map open, click on the Yellow Pin icon on the top left hand corner.

3. Using this pin, click on the location of the listing property. The Red pin on the map should move to the area where you clicked on.

4. Hit save on the right of the mini map

5. Once you are back to the input sheet, make sure all other Required fields have been completed, hit Save and select Save listing. You are done!

This mapping error occurs when there is a discrepancy in Google Map's Geocoding. The developers of the Paragon system are currently working with Google to improve the mapping to prevent this error from occurring in the future.

Thank you

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