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MLS Area Field Repurposing - November 6th 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

On November 6th, the following change will be made to both our MLS Platforms: ConnectMLS and Paragon MLS.

MLS Area Field Repurposing

The "Area" field lookups are being updated to just a single lookup of "Listing" rendering the field useless. We recommended the use of the "City" field, "Zip Code" field, or Map Search as a replacement for use of the "Area" field.

Update Your Auto Email Notification Now!

Updating the "Area" to a single lookup will trigger notifications on any "Saved Search's" that utilize the "Area" field. To ensure you do not bombard your clients with emails containing listings that do not match their search criteria, we recommend that you update your saved searches now by replacing Area inputs with City, Zip code, or Map Searches.


The following are options to utilize as a alternative to the "Area" field.

1. City

2. Zip Code

3. Map Search

Why are we making this change?

The decision to update the “AREA” field was driven by several factors:

1. Data Compatibility: As we integrate data from various MLSs into ConnectMLS and Paragon, we face challenges in maintaining a one-to-one match with each MLS’s “AREA” definitions. Different MLSs may use different terms such as District, Neighborhood, or Subdivision for their “AREA” field.

2. Outdated Field Design: The “AREA” field and its locations were created almost two decades ago, and we recognize that it no longer aligns with current best practices and user expectations.

3. Ease of Use: Some agents reported encountering error messages when using the “AREA” field due to a lack of familiarity with it.

Why do I still see the AREA field in the MLS?

Although we understand that you might still see the “AREA” field within ConnectMLS or Paragon, please be assured that the only available value will be “Listing.” We acknowledge this limitation and have already requested our MLS Vendors to remove the field entirely in future enhancements.

If you have any questions or require assistance with updating "Saved Searches" please contact bridgeMLS Support at or 925-363-2333

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition. By embracing these changes, we can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our MLS systems, benefiting all members.

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