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Paragon System Notice: Partial Listings

Partial Listings in the Paragon system are set to a system rule where it will be removed after reaching 3 months period. Recently the Paragon vendor Black Knight Financial have detected the system's partial listing purging function have not been working correctly which leads to partial listings remaining in the system after the 3 months period.

To address this, effective Monday, September 14th, Black Knight Financial will be modifying the Paragon settings to purge Partial Listings that have exceeded the 3 months period from the initial input date.

To avoid losing any partial listings that are over 3 months old, the listing agent may either make the listing live on market to reflect the listing agreement or create a new partial listings for the property.

Please note that this will not affect any Coming Soon listings, on market listings, or partial listings that were created within the recent 3 months period.

For any additional information or questions, please contact bridgeMLS support at:


Thank you.

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