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Red Alert! No On AB1482

From C.A.R.:

Urge Your Senator AND Assembly Member to Vote NO on AB 1482 that Establishes Restrictive Rent Caps

C.A.R. OPPOSES UNLESS AMENDED AB 1482 (Chiu), which creates a very restrictive statewide rent cap and burdensome “just cause” eviction standards. C.A.R. had reached an agreement with the sponsors and the bill’s author to make reasonable amendments to remove C.A.R.’s opposition. The consensus language would have promoted tenant protections and protected property ownership. However, because our consensus language was not incorporated into the bill, C.A.R. is opposing AB 1482. The bill could be heard in the Senate as soon as Tuesday, September 3rd and in the Assembly within a day of that. YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW. YOU WILL NEED TO CALL BOTH YOUR SENATOR AND YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER TO ASK THEM TO OPPOSE THE BILL..

Take Action NOW! Click Here for Your “To Do” List

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