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Special Event October 10th: Rate My Agent Overview with Bill Andrew

On Thursday October 10th 2019 10AM to 11AM, RateMyAgent's very own Bill Andrew will be demonstrating the RateMyAgent Application to bridgeMLS members. This is an exclusive event and seats are limited. Register now by going to the Member portal or click on the button below

Rate My Agent is available now to bridgeMLS Members.

To access this application, visit and click on Tools and MLS Login.

This will take you to the Dashboard(picture above) displaying all bridgeMLS applications. You can find the Rate My Agent icon in the list next to Glide. or RETechnology.

See below for more information about Rate My Agent

About RateMyAgent:

What is RateMyAgent?

RateMyAgent is an agent review and marketing platform that allows you to generate, share, promote and syndicate client reviews. Unlike other review platforms, all client reviews of agents are verified and linked to a transaction, which means they are trusted by consumers. New potential leads will see how you perform when you’re doing what you do best.

RateMyAgent technology offers:

● Comprehensive, branded profile, for the professional look and feel and increased SEO

● Client review request functionality, by agent invitation via email and/or SMS

● Listing review pages – each with unique web page/URLs for maximum searchability

● Social Media Manager Product to efficiently share reviews to all social mediums, with minimum effort

● The ability to aggregate positive reviews from other social and online platforms and include them into the RateMyAgent products

● A Review Widget that allows for effortless feed of positive reviews to your website

● Ability to create online display ads with your reviews and target them to specific audience through the Google Display Network, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

● Ability to collect Google Reviews through the RateMyAgent platform at the same time as collecting RateMyAgent reviews (new product)

RateMyAgent is endorsed by the 2019 REACH program by the National Association of Realtors®

Why should I use RateMyAgent?

RateMyAgent is for agents. And we make it easy for consumers to find great agents that suite their needs. We help you build your SEO and your online reputation. We make it easy for potential clients to contact you and we do not put barriers in front of your contact information. We don’t charge for leads.

Unlike some other sites RateMyAgent reviews are not stuck on our platform expecting users to come and find them. RateMyAgent builds your profile and SEO but the marketing platform does so much more. You can:

· Capture positive ratings from past clients and promote them to future clients through your websites and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) accounts.

· When submitting a RateMyAgent review, consumers can also post a Google Review for you at the same time.

· Have your branding automatically appear on the review, along with the sold date, sold price and the address of the property.

· Copy reviews from other online rating sites (i.e. Yelp, Google, etc.) and paste them into your RateMyAgent account and in turn make them a verified and trusted review

· Improve Google rankings and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on the ratings and reviews you generate.

· Turn ratings and reviews into Google ads by selecting your spend and zip code.

Find out more about RateMyAgent here:

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