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Upcoming System Changes for May 2022

Available on May 3rd, 2022

New Enhancement to the MLS Login Window:

Users will be able to save user ID and Password by using their browser's password autofill or any password management software.

Additionally, the login screen will greet users with a whole new look!

Additionally, Coming Soon listings and feature changes are arriving to improve the accuracy of data.

A new field will be added and required for listings under Coming Soon Status.

Coming Soon Showing Access:

o Show

o No Show

o Contact Listing Agent

The Pool field values will be changed from Yes or No to the following:

o Private

o Community

o No

*Please note that Private and Community will be removed from the field Z-Pool.

Features – Accessibility Field Name Changes

New Disabled Features:

o Grab Bars

o Accessible Doors

Available May 24, 2022

Listing Input Module:

o The total number of document files that can be uploaded into the associated Doc module will be increased from 12 to 20.

o The financial fields in Residential Income and Commercial Multi Unit 5+ listings will no longer be Required in the listing input Module.

MLS Rules:

The MLS rule 12.6.1 will be updated with the following requirement: For Sale Signs must be removed from the listing property within 5 days after escrow is closed.

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