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Upcoming System Changes on September 12, 2022

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

bridgeMLS is constantly looking at improving the functionality and experience of the MLS Platform as the data share grows. With the growth comes system differences and challenges which makes us look at our existing system and fields and gives us opportunities to reevaluate fields.

The following changes are being implemented on September 12, 2022 to avoid search result discrepancies and provide more data.

The Area field will be removed when you are conducting a listing/property search in Paragon. You may use City, Zip code, or Map to conduct your search. Subscribers who wish to still search with the Area field may customize their search to add it specifically for themselves.

Additionally, the area field will be removed from the Agent reports in the Paragon system.

For instruction on how to add new search criteria to your search, please see video here:

See the MLS Area Announcement Here

The Public Remarks Character limit will be extended from 1000 characters to 1300.

The Term Cryptocurrency will become available in the Terms field under Features.

For more information please contact bridgeMLS support at 925-363-2333 or

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