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Creating a Seamless Home Showing Experience with ShowingTime and Zillow Group

Updated: Feb 25, 2021



Creating a Seamless Home Showing Experience with

ShowingTime and Zillow Group

As you may be aware, on February 10, it was announced that ShowingTime has signed an agreement to become part of Zillow Group. "Customer expectations for a simplified, tech-enabled experience are rising," said Michael Lane, President of ShowingTime. "We look forward to sharing our technology solutions with even more customers, enabling a truly seamless real estate transaction that is efficient and simple." Errol Samuelson, Zillow Group's Chief Industry Development Officer, discussed the importance of showings for agents and consumers. "We have been impressed with ShowingTime’s ability to simplify a cumbersome but critical part of the home shopping experience by integrating with MLSs, agents and brokers, and giving buyers’ agents an easier way to schedule showings with listing agents," he said. "ShowingTime will remain an open platform available to all industry participants, and we expect to grow ShowingTime’s engagement through all channels to ensure touring is easier for the industry and consumers." ShowingTime and Zillow FAQ

Why did Zillow and ShowingTime want to merge?

After the events of 2020, ShowingTime wanted to find a partner with the resources to continue to improve product features and reliability, without raising prices. Zillow assured ShowingTime that its platform would remain open, accessible, and growing for the benefit of all in the industry. When all showings are confirmed quickly, everybody in real estate wins. ShowingTime will be run as an independent business unit, similar to dotloop and Bridge Interactive (other Zillow Group businesses). The goal is that the merger will provide the resources to ShowingTime to improve products and reliability.

Is anything changing?

ShowingTime will continue to operate on a business-as-usual basis to enrich and streamline tour scheduling for clients and industry partners, just as they have done for the last 20 years. ShowingTime will continue to be an open platform for all brokers and agents in North America.

What about data privacy?

The data that you enter into ShowingTime is secure. MLS contracts remain in force, protecting your data and what uses can be made of it and Zillow has stated that they will maintain ShowingTime’s existing data privacy policies. ShowingTime’s policies are built on these principles:

  • We don’t share or sell any of the personal information or content, regardless of the type.

  • Your buyer and seller data entered in ShowingTime are yours and may not be misappropriated for any other use.

  • The property-specific showing history will not be provided to anyone other than you and, if you request, your client and will not be used in any way other than to your benefit. Aggregate showing trend reports remain available to premium product subscribers.

  • You will still be able to access your historical and future data.

Is pricing going to change?

ShowingTime has no plans to change pricing.

Do I have to be a Zillow Premier Agent to use ShowingTime moving forward?

No. ShowingTime will continue to operate as an open platform for its existing and new partners.

Will my billing process change?

Nothing is changing with your billing at this time.

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